8 green hotels in Europe to add to your travel list

Need to fully recharge before going back to work? It has been proven that a green environment contributes to better relaxation. Check in at the following green hotels to completely unwind after a bustling day exploring the city!

5 reasons why coworkers flourish with plants in the office

The number of employers that is now fully aware that a healthy working environment positively influences their employees, is steadily rising. But what does a healthy working environment entail? It is a space in which employees feel good, both physically and mentally. Plants are a vital piece of the puzzle to creating this kind of space.

Real or artificial – which green wall should I choose for my office?

Sustainable entrepreneurship is a hot topic. It’s becoming more and more common for companies to implement office design that embodies their sustainable ambitions. For example, by placing a green wall in the office, the reception or the meeting rooms. But how do you discover which green facade is the best choice for your office?