Eemlandia dairy factory

From 1918 to 1963, the Eemlandia dairy factory operated in Bunschoten. This listed building from 1918 is the last complete steam-powered dairy factory in the Dutch province of Utrecht. After a limited restoration of this national monument in 2006, in which a 28-metre-high factory chimney was rebuilt, further renovations failed to materialise. Until a number of local companies, including architect Bureau Bos, picked up the project again in 2020. The restoration and redevelopment plan includes 15 newly-build houses in the style of the old factory, 25 studios in the low, older part, and office space in the high, newer part. Special in this project is the application of a green wall in the entrance hall, which contributes to the sustainability and good acoustics of the building. This SemperGreenwall Indoor covers a total of 10m2.

Green facade improves acoustics of entrance hall

The green wall is a lively eye-catcher in the entrance hall and contributes to the acoustics and aesthetics of the building. Tests have shown that the SemperGreenwall Indoor absorbs an average of 85% of ambient noise. This sustainable element fits perfectly with the renovation vision and redevelopment of the Eemlandia dairy factory, which was carried out with care and attention to historical details and modern sustainability requirements. For example, the original old floor tiles have been reused in the new auditorium. In addition, original steel window frames that came from behind the masonry were painted in a traditional green steel mix.

High-performance insulation leads to gas-free and energy-efficient building

Besides the green elements, much attention was also paid to the insulation of the old building. The outer wall was insulated from the inside, while the roof was insulated from the outside to preserve the characteristic interior. Thermal insulation and new insulated window frames were also added, resulting in a gas-free and energy-efficient building. This has transformed Eemlandia dairy factory into a place where people can live and work comfortably in a sustainable environment.

Images: ©Bureau Bos

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