Parking garage TONIPark

A new office campus TONI Park has been built on the site of the former Messerschmitt airport. The campus, with six office buildings and its own car park, has a green park-like structure. During construction, several sustainable measures were taken into account. This has led to the “Gold” certification according to the guidelines of the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council). For employees of the companies located in this office area, this creates a pleasant working environment. In the autumn of 2021 the parking garage was equipped with an Outdoor SemperGreenwall. The greening of parking garages is becoming increasingly popular. So far, this is one of the largest parking garage projects with a green wall.

Cleaner air through planting

A green wall contributes to air purification. With over 700 m² of plants on 3 sides of the parking garage, 1600 kg of CO2 is absorbed per year. For the sake of illustration, a tree absorbs an average of 25 kg of CO2 per year. This means that 65 trees have actually been planted with this green facade. So in places where there is little room for trees, the green wall is an excellent compensation!

Special fire protection panels

The SemperGreenwall is constructed from Flexipanels. In this project specially developed Flexipanels with fire safety class A2 have been used. By using this type of panels the green wall can often be applied to buildings with very strict fire safety requirements. These requirements are often set for parking garages. Besides being fireproof, the wall with these A2 panels can also withstand other extreme conditions such as heavy wind loads. This means that they can also be installed at great heights.

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