Our Team

our team

Meet the global Sempergreen team. With over a hundred employees across five continents, we work enthusiastically on the development and sale of our green products, every day. To find a SemperGreenwall specialist in your country, select the location on our interactive map.  

Become a SemperGreenwall Dealer

For projects outside of Europe, we’re working with a network of certified dealers. Are you interested in joining the team and becoming a SemperGreenwall dealer? Get in touch with our Director of Global Business Development & Partnerships, Wouter Jochemsen at wouter.jochemsen@sempergreen.com

Roelof-Jan van Wikselaar

SemperGreenwall specialist North & Eastern Europe

Christiaan Bakker

SemperGreenwall specialist Europe

Joost de Bruijne

Sales Support

Adrianne Kerst

Sales support

Naomi Reitsema


Dick Bernauer

SemperGreenwall Specialist USA

Travis Holmes

SemperGreenwall Specialist Australia

Annie Hasnain

SemperGreenwall Specialist UAE

Toni Amich

SemperGreenwall Specialist Spain

Pablo Atuesta

SemperGreenwall Specialist Colombia

Natalia Franch

SemperGreenwall Specialist Caribbean

Herman Au

SemperGreenwall Specialist Hong Kong

Paul Hakkenberg

SemperGreenwall specialist Benelux

Michael Baumgarten

SemperGreenwall specialist Germany

Henriette Vink

Chief Commercial Officer Europe

Wouter Jochemsen

Director Global Business Development & Partnerships

Michael Filmer

Manager Operations

Adrianne Verbeek

Maintenance & Planning

Wijnan van Ingen

Maintenance & Planning Employee

Deborah Blom

Project Leader

Robbert-Jan de Beer

Project Leader

Aaliyah Matulessy

Project Support

Max de Vos

Product Developer