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Sempergreen or a local service partner takes care of the entire installation process. A SemperGreenwall is a technically advanced system. Sempergreen’s own installation team and our approved service partners are specialised in the installation of green wall under various conditions worldwide.


Whether your project is at great heights or in a region with extreme weather conditions, Sempergreen rises to any challenge. We make your wishes come true with our modular green wall system. Our team or approved service partners’ knowledge and expertise ensure instantly-green living walls that stay that way. Depending on your project’s specifications, the following green wall systems can be installed.

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Installatie SemperGreenwall Outdoor Stavelot BE


SemperGreenwall Outdoor is great for projects involving large-format green facades. Your vertical garden can be executed in all shapes and sizes with the modular green wall system. The only requirements are a load-bearing facade and a technical room for the Plant Care System which regulates the plants’ water and nutrition supply.


Like SemperGreenwall Outdoor, SemperGreenwall Indoor can be designed entirely to your specifications. This indoor living wall system also requires a load-bearing wall and a technical room. Indoor plants still require sufficient light. Sempergreen also advises on lighting solutions to allow the green wall to be installed in areas with limited daylight.

Installatie SemperGreenwall Indoor
SemperGreenwall CompactLine


The SemperGreenwall CompactLine is a green indoor wall that does not require a technical room. Everything is integrated into the CompactLine’s water reservoir. The system also requires a load-bearing wall, a power outlet and additional lighting. The CompactLine’s compact design lends itself to a fast installation, offering an immediate green result.


The LifeMCC, also known as the Movable Climate Changer, is ideal for people who want to be able to move their green wall at any time. This plant wall can also serve as a room divider. Because the LifeMCC is a free-standing system, the installation only requires a power outlet.

Installatie LifeMCC
SemperGreenwalls in kas Sempergreen

Fire resistant & lightweight
green wall system

All SemperGreenwalls are tested and certified for fire safety up to European fire classification B-s2,d0 and A2-s2,d0. These certifications make SemperGreenwalls highly suitable for project-based applications, such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, office buildings and even high-rise projects. It is also allowed to be used in escape routes.

SemperGreenwall systems have a maximum saturated weight of 45 kg/m², which means they can be mounted on load-bearing walls. The installation is quick and clean, resulting in an efficient process.

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