Careful plant selection
for all conditions

Sempergreen has a strong focus on quality. It is essential to choose the plant species carefully for a thriving and lasting green wall. With its extensive plant knowledge, Sempergreen selects only the strongest perennial species for its SemperGreenwall systems. Combined with years of cultivation experience, Sempergreen offers a perfectly cultivated living wall with a minimum of 90% coverage upon delivery, for an instant green transformation.

SemperGreenwall indoorbeplanting
Kleurvariaties SemperGreenwall indoorbeplanting

plant selection

Sempergreen supplies a number of standard ranges which have undergone extensive testing. Our indoor green walls use a selection of indoor plants and ferns. You can rest assured that your green wall will remain truly green and beautiful. Browse our large collection to choose the plants that best suit your interior design.

plant selection

Sempergreen uses extremely strong outdoor plants for its outdoor green facades. These plants—including shrubs, perennials and ferns—are carefully selected after undergoing extensive testing in various climate conditions. Whether your project is located in the northern hemisphere, the Middle East or Australia, Sempergreen has a specific plant selection for each climate zone. Our SemperGreenwall specialists are happy to advise you on the right plants for your project.

In addition to climate conditions, the green facade orientation and whether it is in the sun, partial shade or full shade are also taken into account.

SemperGreenwall outdoorbeplanting in volle bloei
Close-up in bloei
onderhoud aan groene gevel SemperGreenwall

green result

All plant species in our range are strong, hardy and highly resistant to diseases and pests. For indoor living walls, we match the plant selection to the maximum amount of daylight in the room. If there is insufficient lighting available for an indoor green wall, Sempergreen will advise on any necessary lighting.

For a lasting green and beautiful result, your SemperGreenwall project requires periodic maintenance. Sempergreen offers maintenance contracts for every situation, guaranteeing that your project maintains a healthy, green appearance all year round.

is possible

Are you looking for a green wall system tailored exactly to your specifications? No problem. Anything is possible! Our experts will work with you to find the best solution for your project. Patterns and logos are also possible. After plant selection, the Flexipanels for the custom SemperGreenwall are pre-cultivated in our own greenhouse with the plants in the pattern of your choice, ensuring a green result immediately upon delivery.