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Sempergreen is a global market leader in indoor and outdoor living wall systems. Our systems and plant selections can be tailored to your project’s style, design, size and location. Choose the product that best suits your project below.

SemperGreenwall Outdoor


SemperGreenwall Outdoor is a green facade system suitable for exterior use. Vertical gardens or green walls are highly suitable for greenifying urban areas and have a positive effect on the environment. The plants absorb CO² and fine particulate matter, provide a cooling effect and enrich the environment with cleaner air. A SemperGreenwall Outdoor can easily transform a grey surface into a green oasis.


A SemperGreenwall in your office, catering facility or a public space offers numerous advantages for people and the environment. The vertical plant wall contributes to a healthy indoor climate by purifying the air and reducing noise pollution in places where many people congregate, such as offices and shopping centres. An indoor green wall is much more than just an attractive eye-catcher. Interior living walls have proven to increase well-being and productivity.

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Verticale Kruidenwand SemperGreenwall CompactLine


The SemperGreenwall CompactLine is a unique, interior living wall system that can be set up anywhere. This ready-to-use green wall instantly creates a pleasant living and working environment with a unique appearance. The plants regulate humidity and filter harmful substances from the air, providing a positive effect on the general well-being of people.


The LifeMCC is a free-standing, movable plant wall and room divider that can be used in any imaginable space. The compact and modern design of this mobile green wall means it can be easily and seamlessly integrated with the rest of your interior. The LifeMCC offers added value to any room, from living room to restaurant or office garden.

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green walls

A green wall always requires a custom solution. Variables such as climate, orientation, plant preferences and interior or exterior application will determine the best solution for your project.

Plant Care

All SemperGreenwall wall systems have been developed and composed to highlight the plants’ greatest qualities. Our design is based on years of experience and the use of our smart Plant Care System, an automated irrigation system that provides the plants with the water and nutrients they need and can be remotely monitored. The system also includes a winter programme with frost protection.

Plant Care System met vorstbeveiliging


Sempergreen’s Cradle to Cradle certified green wall systems have been developed to optimise plant health and quality. The use of Flexipanels gives the plants plenty of room to grow, ensuring good root formation and strong, healthy plants for a fully-fledged vertical garden.

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