A unique way to bring nature indoors

for a healthy living
and working environment

Staying healthy is the highest priority for many people. Why, then, do we spend most of our lives in spaces that are bad for our well-being? 30% of renovated and new buildings have a negative impact on health — Sick Building Syndrome. Fortunately, there is a healthy and aesthetic solution to this problem: the LifeMCC.

A small plant wall with a big impact –
the LifeMCC keeps your indoor space healthy


Sempergreen has been committed to a healthy green environment in the form of green roofs, ground covering and living walls for over 25 years. Sempergreen developed the LifeMCC – Movable Climate Changer – specifically for smaller interior spaces or areas that require flexibility. This free-standing and movable room divider gives you the freedom to design your space according to your own taste, while at the same time putting health first.

LifeMCC op kantoor

Small plant wall,
big impact

The Movable Climate Changer (MCC) not only looks beautiful, but it also reduces ambient noise and its plants have an air-purifying effect. It can also serve as a natural dividing wall, and its green appearance increases productivity in its vicinity. With these benefits, our mobile plant wall creates a healthy, productive and pleasant indoor environment to work or stay in, making the LifeMCC particularly suitable for offices and schools as well as hotels and restaurants.

The best indoor plants
for your space

We offer three different plant assortments with plants in various colours for this mobile green wall. Each plant range includes plants with air-purifying qualities which promote a healthy living or working environment. Plants not only purify the air, they also increase oxygen levels and improve the acoustics in a room by absorbing sound. We also offer custom plant solutions tailored exactly to your specifications.

LifeMCC indoorbeplanting
LifeMCC zwart met belichting

for the LifeMCC

Plants need light for optimal growth. To ensure the freedom to place the LifeMCC in any desired location, we recommend a LifeMCC with a lighting solution. There are various types of lighting available, such as LED spotlights or an LED strip. We are happy to advise you on the best solution.

and maintenance

The LifeMCC is delivered ready-to-use. Don’t worry about maintenance— Sempergreen offers various maintenance contracts for the periodic maintenance of your plant wall.

LifeMCC zwart

3 benefits of
a LifeMCC

groene gevel voordelen

Fully mobile

The LifeMCC’s plants and irrigation system are incorporated into one single unit. The living wall only needs an electrical outlet to power its irrigation system, making it fully mobile.

groene binnengevel

Healthy indoor climate

The LifeMCC acts as an air purifier. Its green appearance has a positive effect on people’s well-being and increases the humidity of a room.

Improved acoustics

In addition to the air purifying effect, the LifeMCC also improves acoustics in the room, as the plants have a sound-absorbing effect. It is perfect for rooms where people talk a lot or are easily disturbed by ambient noise.

Curious how a LifeMCC
fits into your project?

We are happy to help!