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What is a green wall?

A living wall is a vertical wall of plants that can be used indoors or outdoors. Just as greenery on the roof, vertical greenery is a perfect way to create more green space in urban areas. Only a little space is needed to create many square metres of greenery.

Pre-cultivated vertical plant wall

Sempergreen supplies a pre-cultivated modular facade system. A vertical wall of plants can be realized against almost every wall by means of a suspension system, indoors as well as outdoors. An integrated irrigation system provides the living wall with the correct amount of water and nutrients.

Living wall is good for people, animals and the environment

So-called living walls, vertical gardens or green walls have many positive effects. Research shows, for instance, that in the summer, inner city areas with greenery are several degrees cooler. Living walls therefore contribute to reducing the urban heat island effect. Moreover they promote biodiversity and plants filter pollutants from the air and particulate matter in particular which is normally inhaled deep into the respiratory tract. In addition, people feel better, are healthier, more productive and more sociable in green surroundings.

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