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Green wall systems
available across Australia

Sempergreen is your reliable partner for living walls of any size across eastern Australia. Our locally grown plant wall systems, called SemperGreenwalls, are perfectly attuned to the climate conditions across Australia. To achieve long lasting high quality results, we choose the best plants for the specific SemperGreenwall location. After installation, the living plant wall will be kept green and healthy all year long by means of a sophisticated irrigation system.

Green facades create sustainable cities
Indoor plant wall

Living walls against
climate change

In times of climate change and increasing population in urban areas, the need for green spaces is high. Living walls are the ideal solution for urban areas with little space available. With a light saturated weight of only 45 kg/sqm, Sempergreen provides several types of living walls that are suitable for most exterior facades and all sorts of indoor applications, from straight to curved walls. The unique SemperGreenwall system is Cradle to Cradle certified, fire retardant and provides significant noise reduction

Download the technical drawings of the modular SemperGreenwall system here.

for green cities

Sydney, Melbourne and other cities or regions of Australia suffer from ever increasing and more frequent floods, lethal heatwaves, forest fires and biodiversity loss. SemperGreenwalls can help counter these effects of climate change, improve the well-being of the people living in the area and, ultimately, create sustainable, healthy cities.

SemperGreenwalls can be custom shaped
The power of green buildings

Benefits of an
outdoor green wall

  • Clean air: the plants absorb CO2 and particulates which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution and helps improve air quality in Australia and the city more broadly;
  • Cooling effect: they also absorb sunlight and can reduce city temperatures. Outdoor plant walls are crucial for the regulation of the urban climate, the reduction of heat waves and that of the Urban Heat Island Effect;
  • Protection: green facades help protect buildings from dust storms, sun, wind and insulate them against temperature fluctuations. They also extend the lifespan of the facade;
  • More value: vertical plant walls increase the value of a building;
  • Increased biodiversity: the plants in the evergreen walls promote the habitation of birds and pollinators, which is especially needed in predominantly grey and paved areas of the cityscape;
  • Positive social effect: working or living in a green environment brings people together. Areas with more greenery are less prone to aggression and vandalism;
  • Energy savings: with outdoor vertical gardens you have less energy consumption compared with a conventional building of its size;
  • Stormwater management: green facades attenuate rainwater; the plants and substrate of the green wall act as a water buffer.

The best plants
for the Australian climate

Thanks to years of experience, Sempergreen has developed various types of plant compositions that are able to survive both hot Australian summers as well as the cooler winter months. Customised planting such as logos or company names are among the possibilities, which makes green walls from Sempergreen a popular solution for businesses. With a plant density of over 90% upon delivery, you’ll enjoy a beautifully green facade from day one.

Only the best plants for the SemperGreenwall
Indoor SemperGreenwall for healthy, happy people

Indoor green walls for
a healing environment

In addition to outdoor applications, a green wall (or plant wall) is a perfect way to turn a drab interior into a lush green area. Green indoor spaces are increasingly popular among Australian companies, the public sector and the hospitality industry. Plants are known for their benefits for humans: they increase well-being and productivity and prevent the sick building syndrome, resulting in happier and healthier people.

Benefits of an
indoor green wall

  • Clean air: indoor plant walls for offices, (semi-)public spaces, or homes, are perfect air filters and they increase the air quality inside buildings. They do this by filtering CO2 and toxins out of the air and releasing oxygen. In addition, they also stabilise the humidity in the air. The perfect way to counter sick building syndrome.
  • Healthy work environment: having a wall garden is not only physically beneficial, it also increases creativity, productivity and supports mental health, making it an ideal addition to office spaces.
  • Energy savings: buildings with indoor plant walls enjoy the added benefit of lower electricity bills and significant energy savings, because the indoor vertical gardens provide a cooler indoor climate. This means that the air conditioners have less work to do on hot days and, as an added benefit, this helps the environment.
  • Efficient use of space: because the plants are attached to the wall, they take up less space than the potted plants you usually see in offices and public spaces.
The indoor living wall transitions into the outdoor facade
SemperGreenwall Indoor can be applied in all shapes and sizes

Green design and
endless possibilities

Indoor SemperGreenwalls are suitable for all sorts of interior environments. From straight to curved walls, spaces with plenty to no daylight – the planting and lighting is adapted to your specific project requirements.

Green walls by
the market leader

In addition to the nurseries in Australia, the Sempergreen Group owns several nurseries and glasshouses worldwide. The company is the worldwide market leader for green infrastructure products. One of these products is the SemperGreenwall. This unique green wall system is suitable for any project and provides endless possibilities of customisation. Other Sempergreen products are green roofs and green ground covering.

SemperGreenwalls by Sempergreen Group
Maintenance SemperGreenwall Outdoor 2

How to maintain
a living wall

SemperGreenwalls come with a unique web-based Plant Care System which consists of a smart irrigation system. The fully automated system ensures that your green walls (indoors and outdoors) are supplied with the right amount of water and nutrients. In combination with a maintenance contract with one of the local partners, Sempergreen guarantees a green appearance of your vertical garden all year round.

Expert advice
for your project

Would you like to discuss how your project can benefit from a SemperGreenwall? Get in touch today to talk about your project requirements and to receive a free quote.

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