First public vertical garden constructed on pump house in Helsingborg, Sweden

In 2013, the first public vertical garden of Sweden was constructed on a pump house in the centre of the city of Helsingborg. The product of choice to adorn the building was a SemperGreenwall. Helsingborg is highly ambitious when it comes to finding solutions in the field of climate change. Moreover, the project is also used as an object of research to elevate the country’s knowledge of living walls to a higher level.

Living wall on an arched structure

Mounted on an arched wall of a pump house, the SemperGreenwall covers an area of 32m². The planted panels are separated from the building by a layer of air and a watertight layer. The SemperGreenwall consists of a series of Flexipanels. This flexible modular system is highly suitable for use on arched surfaces. The wall features an irrigation system that closely monitors the quantity of water and amount of nutrients to be released. The result is a beautiful green living wall, all year round. A total of 21 different plant varieties have been used in the project, including various types of grass, fixed plants and ferns. The overgrowth includes garden plants as well as varieties that can be found in the Swedish countryside.

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Vision of a city in balance

Magnus Jälminger – chairman of the urban planning department of Helsingborg – is highly ambitious in his search for contemporary solutions in the field of climate change. The city is becoming increasingly compacted. Living walls are an excellent means by which to create a new balance between urbanisation and nature in cities.

Dissemination of knowledge on living walls

At the time of the installation in 2013, not much was known in Sweden about living walls, which is why the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) was asked to assist in the project. This way Helsingborg is able to contribute towards the increase of knowledge on living walls in Sweden.

A SemperGreenwall offers many advantages

Living walls offer numerous ecological and economic advantages. They reduce heat within cities and increase humidity. The plants also absorb CO2 and suspended dust particles, which improves air quality. Living walls also absorb sound, thereby reducing ambient noise by 8 decibels. Research shows that people are happier and have less stress and worries in a green environment. This in turn stimulates productivity.

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