The Future of Building – Let’s meet at BAU Munich!

From 17 to 22 April 2023, Sempergreen will be present as an exhibitor at the BAU Munich trade fair. For architects and building engineers, this is the world’s largest trade fair to get inspiration on building materials and systems.

What does a living wall cost?

This article will give you an insight into the price structure for a green wall in Europe, which factors influence the price the most, and how you can take them into account in the design. We’ll also give a price indication based on four example projects.

Sempergreen and Jydsk Planteservice start collaboration

Sempergreen and Jydsk Planteservice – located in Kolding, Denmark – are pleased to announce their collaboration, which focuses on green outdoor facades. The parties believe that joining forces will generate significant added value to offer a unique local product in the market.

A green facade throughout the seasons

A SemperGreenwall in winter

A SemperGreenwall stays beautiful all year round, for 4 seasons, every year. It is a natural product, so your SemperGreenwall Outdoor will look different every season. But what is it like to experience a SemperGreenwall all year round?

How does a living wall survive in winter?

Plants colour with the seasons. There are visible differences between various plant types, especially in winter. Some plants remain evergreen, while others lose their leaves. How does Sempergreen ensure that the plants in a SemperGreenwall make it through winter, so that they can grow and bloom again in spring?

Eden Tower Frankfurt wins bronze FIABCI Prix d‘Excellence Germany 2022

The impressive “Eden Tower” project, with one of the tallest green facades in Europe, won the bronze FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Award Germany in the residential category. This renowned award for outstanding project developments was presented at a gala ceremony in Berlin on 18 November 2022.

Green business parks: away with the grey concrete deserts

Many business parks are not attractive places to spend your time. They’re also places where the negative impacts of climate change will be deeply felt. In industrial areas and office parks, there’s lots of room for improvement in terms of greenery and climate adaptive measures.