Increase building value with green renovation

Renovating with greenery gives every building its unique identity. Moreover, it increases value on several levels. In this article, we explain what increase in value you can expect with green renovation and tell how green buildings become a lot more attractive not only aesthetically but also financially.

The five most remarkable benefits of green renovation

Green renovation is not just good for nature but also offers numerous benefits for all parties involved. From the architect to the contractor, from the roofer to the end user, everyone benefits from green renovation. Read the five most striking benefits in this article.

A building bursting with life!

A grey roof or grey façade is not only a canvas for beautiful greenery but thus also a basis for a world full of life! Utrecht University investigated life in our living walls. What that research revealed exceeded our greenest expectations!

Sustainable renovation with nature as a muse

Renovating with a living wall

Renovation is sustainable by itself but a green roof or green façade can make the renovation so much more sustainable. Not just the view but also the energy bill will improve big time. How that works? Read our article on sustainable reno with nature as a muse.

Sustainable renovation with greenery

Looking for a sustainable option for your facade renovation? Then green cladding in the form of a SemperGreenwall is an excellent choice for your project. This green wall system can be applied directly to the facade insulation.

How a SemperGreenwall helps to absorb CO2

The average European emits 6 tonnes of CO2 per year: twice as much as the average world citizen. Sempergreen’s living walls convert CO2 into oxygen. The ideal solution for locations with limited space, such as the city or office buildings.