Our greenhouse

The birthplace
of SemperGreenwalls

Sempergreen is a grower in heart and soul. We grow our green walls ourselves, in our own greenhouses. We use the latest technology in climate control and an abundance of space to guarantee excellent quality, allowing us to respond to the increasing market demand for green walls.

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Kas voor groene gevels Sempergreen

The SemperGreenwall
growing process

The SemperGreenwall is a modular, hydroponic vertical garden system that consists of Flexipanels. The Flexipanels measure 62 x 52 cm and are covered with indoor or outdoor plants in our greenhouse. After planting, the Flexipanels are mounted on vertical supports and connected to the irrigation system that supplies water and nutrients to promote plant growth. Flexipanels are at least 90% covered with vegetation on delivery.

and innovation

The Product Development & Innovation department is continuously researching the improvement and renewal of the growing process, in terms of both efficiency and sustainability. They are experimenting with environmentally friendly pesticides, for example, and capturing and reusing water as much as possible.

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we work

If you would like to learn more about how Sempergreen works, take a look at the “Work method” page or contact us. We are happy to help you!

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