Healing environment in a new radiation therapy center

The new OncoCubus radiation therapy center, designed by Sektor 3 architects, is completed in the German city of Recklinghausen. In the OncoCubus, a cubic-shaped building of 10,000 m³, doctors Petra Reimann and Dorothea Riesenbeck want to demonstrate that the most modern techniques go well with a natural character on the basis of their credo ‘Only the best treatment is the right treatment‘. The radiation room, a naturally clinical room, is provided with a living SemperGreenwall. This green wall of 20 square meters has been placed behind glass, so that the radiation room remains sterile. The patients will feel more comfortable during the treatments thanks to the green façade.

Green environment promotes patient recovery

The new radiation room is built with 2.5 meters thick concrete walls and ceilings to protect against radiation, as well as a 23-tons radiation protection door. Such a space can evoke unpleasant feelings in patients. To make patients more comfortable, the radiation room is equipped with a prominently visible green wall. Various scientific studies have shown that a green environment has a positive effect on the mental and physical well-being of patients, also known as a ‘healing environment’. Greenery in a room has a calming and stress-reducing effect. In addition, patients’ pain tolerance is higher in a green environment and patients’ recovery is promoted. The use of a green wall is therefore a valuable addition to the interior of any hospital or medical practice.

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SemperGreenwall in bestralingscentrum OncoCubus

SemperGreenwall equipped with Plant Care System

The green wall of Sempergreen is equipped with a unique Plant Care System. This system ensures that the plants are supplied with the correct amount of water and nutrients in a timely manner. In addition, the living wall is illuminated with LED lighting. This stimulates the growth of the plants in indoor spaces where no natural light is available, guaranteeing a lasting green appearance of the SemperGreenwall.

The new center will be officially opened on July 20, 2019 in the presence of the mayor.

Groene plantenwand in bestralingscentrum OncoCubus
Groene gevel in bestralingscentrum OncoCubus
Modern bestralingscentrum OncoCubus in Recklinghausen

Photo credits: Martin Gaissert

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