Cambridge Crossing

Located on a former railroad yard in the municipalities of Cambridge, Boston and Sommerville, Cambridge Crossing is a transit-oriented new neighborhood and hub for innovation. The aim of the Cambridge Crossing zoning plan is to create a great place to work, live, play and visit! It also offers space for being active and incorporates greenery inside buildings as well as outdoors. Plants are a great way to improve the inhabitants’ quality of life. Access to nature, whether that is a great national park or a smaller space within the city, reduces stress, improves mental health and boosts productivity and creativity1.

Green interior design

At one of the new offices in this neighborhood, two grand SemperGreenwalls have been installed by Sempergreen Services. They completely transform the aesthetics of the building’s entrance, and create a welcoming atmosphere for anyone who works there! The two walls cover a total of 850 sqft (79 m²) on 2 stories.

Plant-friendly lighting

Through the large glass façade, the living walls receive lots of natural light. However, artificial lighting has also been installed in the ceiling. To ensure that plants thrive even in darker times of the year, it’s important to provide sufficient lighting options. If you’d like to know more about this topic, take a look at our white paper on Light Effectiveness!  

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