Entrance BMW Group

The reception building of BMW Group at the German Dingolfing Plant is covered with a lush 50m² Outdoor SemperGreenwall. BMW Group Plant Dingolfing is a network of BMW plants in Dingolfing, Dingolfing-Landau and Lower Bavaria with a total area of approximately 280 hectares. The factory is the BMW Group‘s largest production site in Europe. The SemperGreenwall system is excellently suited for this type of building with curved surfaces and corner details. Thanks to the flexibility of the pre-cultivated Flexipanels and the lightweight materials, curved surfaces are not a problem for the SemperGreenwall system.

SemperGreenwall fits well with BMW’s sustainability measures and goals

BMW has set itself ambitious goals in terms of sustainable development. They aspire to make an effective contribution to environmental and climate protection here and now. The people working at the BMW Group are driven to make an impact and shape transformation. They do so by running on renewable energy and working towards climate neutral mobility. Applying a living wall at their reception is a clear expression of their objectives. 

Webbased Plant Care System takes care of everything

Each SemperGreenwall is provided with the unique Sempergreen Plant Care System. This smart irrigation system provides the plants with the water and nutrients they need. The online system allows round-the-clock, remote monitoring of the SemperGreenwall. The system can be adjusted immediately if anomalies in the humidity values are detected. The irrigation programme for the SemperGreenwall Outdoor is tailored to the local climate and the different seasons to keep its lush green look all year round. 

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