German Embassy

In the summer of 2017, the team of Sempergreen USA placed a living wall system on the German Embassy building in Washington DC. The two Outdoor SemperGreenwalls total 1,500 sq. ft. / 140 m² in size. The placement of the lush plant walls is ingeniously designed by landscape architect OEHME, van SWEDEN: it lets the two prominently visible fire safety staircases blend into the landscape.

Beautiful living walls in all seasons

By using a rockwool based growing profile instead of soil, the plants are provided with long term structure to grow long roots that aren’t limited by a confined space. The web-based irrigation system, also referred to as the Plant Care System, is able to provide the plants with water and nutrients year-round, even in winter.

Architect: HPP International
Landscape Architect: OEHME, van SWEDEN
General Contractor: Grunley
Installer: Sempergreen Services USA

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