Green Car Park

In the Swiss town of Allschwil near Basel, a car park has been greened on the north face with an impressive green wall. This Outdoor SemperGreenwall is no less than 19 metres high and covers 28 m². The purpose of the living wall, installed by Hodel & Partner, is to extract harmful exhaust gases from the air. In doing so, the green wall contributes to improved air quality at this heavily trafficked location. The contrast between the grey background and the fresh greenery is a visual demonstration of the important positive contribution of greening on air quality.

SemperGreenwall: instantly green after installation

Sempergreen’s living wall systems are constructed from modular Flexipanels. These Flexipanels are pre-cultivated in Sempergreen’s unheated greenhouses before being installed on the project. During this growing period, the plants can successfully adjust to their vertical position and acclimatise to different temperatures. The natural environment in the greenhouse is crucial for healthy and sustainable plant growth. The result is a facade system, which has a green appearance immediately after installation and also provides all the environmental benefits.

Plants in living wall absorb pollutants from the air

One of the main reasons for installing a green facade at Parkhaus-West is the special capacity of plants to absorb pollutants from the air. Road traffic is a major contributor to emissions of CO2 and other pollutants. These substances are harmful to both human and environmental health, and contribute to smog formation and climate change. Several studies have shown that certain plant species are extremely effective in removing pollutants from the atmosphere. Integrating a green wall into a car park creates a natural buffer between the exhaust fumes and the environment, improving the overall air quality. The total of 2,200 plants in Parkhaus-West’s SemperGreenwall thus make an important contribution to air purification and a more sustainable urban space.

Plant selection for shade conditions

The green wall at car park West has a north-facing location. However, this poses no problem for the SemperGreenwall Outdoor. Sempergreen has developed a suitable plant assortment for every sun orientation. The plant selection for a north-facing green wall consists mainly of hardy evergreen plants, which thrive in semi-shade or shade conditions. Since the choice of flowering plants is limited, the colour accents are in the leaf colour. Thus, the green facade maintains its beautiful green appearance all year round. The SemperGreenwall is not afraid of the cold Swiss winters either. By equipping the facade with a frost protection module, Sempergreen’s living walls survive even the harsh winters in the Alps.

Allschwill before SemperGreenwall Allschwill after SemperGreenwall

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