Parking garage

In the middle of the historic heart of Roskilde – one of the oldest cities in Denmark – architect Årstiderne Arkitekter designed an innovative turnkey parking garage with 500 parking spaces over 10 floors for the municipality of Roskilde. By applying a playful red brick facade, the parking garage is fully integrated into the historic environment. Thanks to the striking SemperGreenwall on the west facade, the parking garage simultaneously contributes to cleaner air, sound absorption and social safety.

Facade planting inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon offer clean air and a sense of safety

Commissioned by contractor 5E BYG A / S , Sempergreen selected a special plant assortment for the 137 m² green wall, inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon. Behind the green facade an external stairwell is designed, which invites visitors to informal meetings and to take the stairs. The green facades also help to create a sense of safety for the users, who will experience an open and clear building. Moreover, it contributes to the need for ventilation and cleaner air on the different floors of the parking house.

Plant Care System guarantees a SemperGreenwall that is green all year round

The SemperGreenwall is equipped with a fully automatic irrigation system. The integrated irrigation lines in the green wall provide the plants with the necessary nutrients and water in a dosed manner. Thanks to a web-based module, the green wall is monitored 24/7 via the internet. In addition, the irrigation system is equipped with frost protection. During cold winters, this protection ensures that the green wall remains protected against damage caused by frost. This unique “Plant Care System” guarantees that the SemperGreenwall is green all year round.

Photo credits: Årstiderne Arkitekter / Niels Nygaard


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