Gymnasium Terwijde

The energy-neutral gymnasium in Utrecht’s Terwijde city district in the Netherlands, was commissioned by the Municipality of Utrecht in 2023. This structure, with its progressive design and focus on being energy-neutral, serves as an inspiring example for the future of sports facilities.

The building is adorned by a wealth of flora. The facades are embellished with a harmonious mix of wood, climbing plants and a SemperGreenwall, creating a beautiful synergy. The green facade has been carefully applied on both the north and south sides, with Sempergreen choosing specific plant species that perfectly suit the orientations of both sides.

The living walls of the gymnasium are not just aesthetic eye-catchers; they are essential for ecological sustainability. The harmony of architecture and nature is unmistakable in the choice of green walls and roofs, illustrating the splendour of these green components as essential elements of our buildings of tomorrow.

The surrounding schools will use this space, where students can benefit from the progressive design and focus on energy neutrality.

Green view

T&G Group  was commissioned for the remaining landscaping. They fitted the gymnasium roof with a green roof system by Sempergreen. It was very important to the residents of the adjacent apartment complex that the building would be attractive to look out on. From the balconies there is now a nice view of the green facade and the solar green roof.

The green roofs of Terwijde Gymnasium add an extra dimension to the sustainable nature of the building. Covered with vibrant plants and vegetation, these green roofs reduce heat absorption, improve air quality and help retain and drain rainwater. This contributes to balanced urban water management and assists in flood prevention.

Inspiring example of green urban development

The Terwijde Gymnasium project is a shining example of sustainability. Besides the green walls and roofs, the building is powered by renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, minimising its carbon footprint. This project not only promotes a healthier lifestyle through sports and exercise, but also helps preserve our planet through green technologies and environmentally conscious design decisions.

Client: Municipality of Utrecht

Contractor: Van Dillen Bouwgroep

Architect: Mosaiek Architects

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