Julius Klinke

The outer walls of this high-rise warehouse feature 500 m² (1,640 sqft) of SemperGreenwalls. A beautiful mix of flowers, grasses and ferns give the building a stunning look. Sustainability is a high priority at the company. For example, they have been using a geothermal heating and cooling system since 2010. For their electricity they use solar energy. In addition to green facades, they also had green roofs installed. Together, they help to make the building a biodiverse haven for bees and other insects. 

Cooling with plants

By wrapping the property in greenery, they’ve created an additional insulation layer. Julius Klinke‘s main reason for applying greenery was to help maintain a constant indoor temperature. In summer, no extra cooling is necessary. Not only does air conditioning use a lot of energy, it also releases hot air outside when it’s cooling inside. By using plants, buildings and urban areas can be cooled down in a natural and sustainable way.

This SemperGreenwall was installed by our partner Belke GmbH.

Photo credits: Belke GmbH.

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