Mundus college

The Mundus College in Amsterdam has been renovated with an eye-catching SemperGreenwall. The old facade panels were no longer in good condition. The foil of the trespa panels was coming loose and there was wood rot. Salverda Bouw was commissioned to completely renovate the façade. It was important to Mundus College that the facade be renovated in a 100% circular way, reusing the cladding if possible. The money saved by reusing existing materials was used to provide part of the façade with a green wall by Sempergreen. With this, Mundus College wants to contribute to a greener environment in the busy city of Amsterdam and provide living space for bees, butterflies, birds and bats. With the 81m² SemperGreenwall Outdoor, Mundus College is also creating a healthier learning environment.

Mundus collega voor renovatie (1) Mundus college na renovatie (1)

Nature-inclusive construction

Education foundation Esprit commissioned the facade renovation with a nature-inclusive slant. In nature-inclusive construction, a building is designed to contribute to local biodiversity. This creates a healthy and attractive urban environment that is pleasant for all users and animals. Green facades like at Mundus College not only provide space for insects and birds, vertical greenery also contributes to reducing the heat in the city, also known as the ‘urban heat island’ effect. To make the building even more animal-friendly, nesting boxes have also been installed under the eaves, providing nesting opportunities for birds and bats.

Plant selection in consultation with ecologist

The planting of the SemperGreenwall Outdoor was selected with the help of an ecologist. All selected plants fit well with the flora and fauna of the Sloterplas and the surrounding park. The sun position of the facade was also taken into account. All plants are strong hardy plants, guaranteeing a permanent green appearance.

Mundus College voor renovatie (2) Mundus College na renovatie (2)

Frost protection for cold months

The SemperGreenwall features the intelligent Plant Care System. This web-based control programme administers the right amount of moisture and nutrition to the plants. Moreover, it allows the green wall to be remotely monitored and adjusted, so that the walls are guaranteed to be green all year round. In addition, the green façade is equipped with frost protection for the cold winter months.

Client: Onderwijsinstelling Esprit 

Architect: BRIQUE Architecten 

Contractor: Salverda Bouw 

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