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The Flemish project developer Steen Vastgoed has created a new-build property, consisting of 10 apartments and their new office, in the Belgian town of Kapellen. The project developer has been realising residential projects with a sustainable approach for years already. With this property they also wanted to show their green values. The new build has become a sustainable business card, among other things with the application of various Outdoor and Indoor SemperGreenwalls.

Living plant walls for a green appearance

On the facades of the office building, 8 different SemperGreenwalls have been installed. Additionally, the office interior features a living wall, which creates a natural transition from the outdoors into the workspace. Steen Vastgoed: “The living walls are a perfect match with the green values that Steen Vastgoed stands for.”

In addition to the green walls, solar panels are covering a large part of the roof. The building also serves as a pilot project for the application of green walls at future projects of the developer. The Cradle to Cradle certified living walls installed on this building make a positive contribution to the energy efficiency of this property. Because the over 3700 plants in the living walls absorb and reflect sunlight, the interior stays cooler, which creates a more comfortable work- and living experience on hot summer days. Furthermore, the vertical gardens have a positive impact on biodiversity.

Especially in summer, the blooming outdoor plants are a helpful source of food for insects like bees and butterflies.

Sustainable construction

Over the last years, Steen Vastgoed has made an effort to build according to the so-called ‘BENG’ principle: building in an almost energy neutral way. The company has therefore been awarded with the title of ‘Energy conscious contractor’ by Bouwunie, a Belgian organisation. According to Steen Vastgoed, sustainability forms the basis of every new project, with the goal of realising a positive influence on the environment and society. Green walls and green roofs are a great fit within this concept.

“Sempergreen’s living walls aren’t only adding beautiful architectural features to the building, they also help greening our living environment, which is under increasing pressure.”

Photo credits: Steen Vastgoed, Arne Jennard, Sempergreen

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