Pier 4 Rooftop Terrace

This 1,500 sq. ft. / 139 m² SemperGreenwall Outdoor has been installed on the rooftop of a 13 story building right on the waterfront on one of the piers in Boston, MA.

The weather challenge

On this rooftop the main challenge is to sustain healthy plant coverage throughout the cold Boston winter months. The heavy wind conditions and cold temperatures make it very hard for plants to survive the winter.

After two winters, some plant pallet alterations and an upgraded approach on winter preparations, this is what the wall looks like. Though we may not have found all the possible solutions yet, we are confident that our current approach will give the plants their best chance to thrive. During the summer months, visitors of the rooftop terrace are able to enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean, while being surrounded by this lush vertical garden.

Installation: Sempergreen Services LLC

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