Radiotherapy facility

The newbuild radiotherapy location in Apeldoorn (the Netherlands) has been designed with eye catching nature-inclusive features. This building behind a hospital is the newest treatment location of the Radiotherapiegroep, a Dutch organisation providing radiation therapy. The architectural design has been created following the Healing Environment philosophy; the thought that a building can contribute to a patient’s experience during their visit, and can thus be conducive to people’s healing and positively affect their path to recovery. Architectural firm Bureau Berndsen were inspired by the local natural landscapes around Apeldoorn for the building’s design. Besides a grand SemperGreenwall Outdoor, the building also features green roofs from Sempergreen. 

Modern radiation institute with natural appearance

The building houses a number of consulting and examination rooms, an office and radiation treatment rooms. Within the design, a lot of focus has been placed on light and natural vegetation. With its wooden panelling, living walls, and green roofs, the building creates an environment that’s harmonious and nature-inclusive. 

Green the whole year round

The SemperGreenwall Outdoor wraps around the building, covering almost 400 m². Since the Sempergreenwall system is modular and consists of Flexipanels, it was no problem to install the green walls on the rounded corners of the radiotherapy building. The design is meant to convey a transition from the natural landscape surrounding Apeldoorn, to the hospital. It has been inspired by the landscape of the Veluwe, an area in the middle of the Netherlands home to various kinds of natural landscapes and national parks. 

Photo credits birds-eye view: Hegeman. 
Credits artist impression: RTG Apeldoorn

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