Residential Villa

A colourful living wall adorns the outdoor area at this residential villa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The property is located close to the coast in the neighbourhood Jumeirah. This flourishing 23 sqm. SemperGreenwall Outdoor has been installed by Sempergreen Middle East. Outdoor green walls have become a speciality of Sempergreen in the Middle East region. To ensure that the vertical gardens here will flourish, they use special outdoor plant selections that are tailored to the regional climates and weather conditions.

Ever-green tropical atmosphere

The living wall creates a beautiful tropical atmosphere next to the pool. In this garden, the clients wanted a green but also colourful view. Therefore, many flowering plants were added to the wall. To ensure that the SemperGreenwall stays lush and green all year round, the living wall is equipped with an irrigation system. This intelligent and automatic irrigation system, our Plant Care System, provides the plants with water and nutrients in a controlled way and ensures they don’t get over- or underwatered.

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