Roma Nederland

Roma Nederland, provider and installer of insulation products and projects, renovated its office premises in 2010 and decided to opt for a green atmosphere. They were one of the frontrunners in this regard. It resulted in a living wall of 51 m² (167 sqft) at the entrance which creates an inviting look. Besides their aesthetic, the green walls create a more comfortable work environment as well. Including more greenery also suits the company’s products and services. The plants keep direct sunlight from shining on the building’s outer walls and thereby keep it cooler in sunny summers.

Staying green for over 10 years and counting

For many years now, this project in Raamdonksveer has been an example of the lasting beauty of a green wall. Because of the strong root system of the plants, automatic irrigation and periodic maintenance the SemperGreenwall is a long-term and sustainable solution.  

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