Greenhouse Antwerp

Commissioned by Ambius BeLux Sempergreen realized a green façade with as many as 50,000 plants for the renovation of the office building Greenhouse Antwerp from building owner Intervest. The planting of the vertical garden – designed by CONIX RDBM Architects – consists of a variety of native plants. This living plant wall is a first for the city of Antwerp.

Sustainable building by greening roofs and facades

Sustainability in architecture is one of the aspects that CONIX RDBM Architects has listed high priority. Less consumption of energy and materials is what this architect firm strives for. Greening roofs and facades is an important contribution to the trend of sustainable construction.

Less pollution, more insulation

The green facade helps reduce air pollutants such as particulate matter and carbon dioxide. In addition, the vegetation decreases the wind speed along the facade. Study results also showed that vertical green has a positive effect on the insulating properties of buildings. In addition, the combination of substrate, plants, and the air embedded in the green façade system lead up to a good sound insulation. The substrate blocks lower sound waves, whilst the plants block higher frequencies. A green facade brings a calming environment in the office and creates a more pleasant environment to look at from another building or from the ground floor. It thus enhances the quality of life of residents and passers-by.

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