Greenhouse BXL

This office building called Greenhouse BXL, located in Diegem near Brussels Airport, is the beating heart of business and creative entrepreneurship. This office complex has recently been renovated and transformed into an innovative and interactive business hub. During the renovation, the complex is equipped with both a 109 m² indoor and 161 m² outdoor living green façade cladding from Sempergreen. Intervest deliberately opted for Sempergreen’s green wall system after good experiences during an earlier assignment for Greenhouse Antwerp.

Green wall remotely monitored with intelligent Plant Care System

The applied SemperGreenwalls are equipped with an intelligent Plant Care System. This web-based driver ensures the correct amount of moisture and nutrients for the planting. The living walls are remotely monitored and adjusted, so that the walls are guaranteed green all year round. Thanks to professional LED lighting, photosynthesis is stimulated, so that the plants always stay in optimal condition. In addition, the outdoor green façade is equipped with frost protection by making use of a compressor during cold winter months.

Photo credits: Simon van Ranst Photography

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