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The ‘Einkaufszentrum Weide Park’ in Kranenburg, Germany, close to the Dutch border, has been extended with a new building. This building is equipped with solar panels, a heat recovery system and heat pumps. A sustainable addition is the green facade that provides shoppers with a pleasant environment to do their shopping. By installing at least 20,000 plants on the façade, combined with wooden façade panels, this shopping centre has a sustainable appearance.

More green = more turnover

Research* has shown that greenery in and near shops can increase sales by 12 percent. Green has a calming effect on people, resulting in longer stays and different shopping behaviour. In addition, green shopping areas are more often seen as better, safer and cleaner.

More greenery can lower street temperatures a lot in hot periods, improving comfort while shopping. Plants also act as natural air cleaners. They absorb CO2 and convert it back into oxygen. Better air quality both indoors and outdoors makes for a more pleasant shopping environment. Noise dampening is also something a plant wall contributes to. It absorbs ambient noise from cars and other street noise, creating a calmer atmosphere in the shopping area.

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Living plants decorate the wall

In spring, the plants will bloom beautifully and add to biodiversity. The vegetation gives birds space to build their nests and bees find their nectar here. Thus, this living facade makes the built environment a lot more connected to nature. There are also aesthetic benefits: the selection of hardy plants ensures that the SemperGreenwall stays green all year round. 

When are you going to green your shop (or shopping area)? At Sempergreen, we are happy to advise on what we can do for you.

Photos: a|w|sobott

Photos and installation: HPM Fassadentechnik

Design: Hütténes GmbH Architekten

Engineering office: LIST Gruppe

Property developer: Landmarken AG

* Source: VHG manual The Living Public Space

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