The Nox Hotel

In a historic 17th-century property in Utrecht, 2 modern hospitality businesses have been started: The Nox Hotel und Restaurant Hemel & Aarde. The renovation has preserved the classic elements of the building while taking sustainability into account. The hotel’s boutique rooms are decorated with a modern touch. At the rear, the monumental building is fitted with a lush Outdoor SemperGreenwall. It contributes to insulation of the building, lowering the ambient temperature and noise reduction in the courtyard. In addition, a vertical garden provides greening in the city, ensuring cleaner air and more biodiversity, for example.

Green all year round

The SemperGreenwall is developed from the needs of plants. The system enables good rooting resulting in strong and healthy planting. A smart irrigation system, the Plant Care System, provides the plants with the water and nutrients they need. The irrigation programme can be tailored specifically to the local climate, different seasons and wall orientation. When a maintenance contract is concluded, the wall is closely monitored online. As a result, irregularities in moisture values are quickly detected and immediate action can be taken. In case of frost, the system switches off automatically, preventing pipes from freezing and keeping the plants beautiful.

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