Toronto backyard

In 2019, a private residence in Toronto, Canada gained 350 sqft (32 m²) of vertical garden in the form of a SemperGreenwall Outdoor. With limited space available, this was a creative way of the general contractor of the project, SJOCC Construction, to increase greenery in the backyard.

This backyard is located in a cold climate, with sunny areas and parts in the shade, which led to three different plant assortments being installed by Ginkgo Sustainability. Even with three different plant assortments, the project fits together well and creates a symmetrical look in one part of the backyard. The other part is of the backyard is separated by flowers in the middle, but still connected by the continuing SemperGreenwall. This playful design makes sure the vertical garden is present in all parts of the space, but creates separate sections within the backyard at the same time.

Photos & project installation by: Ginkgo Sustainability

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