Tysons Galleria

In McLean, located in the north of Virginia, a unique SemperGreenwall Outdoor has been installed at the luxurious shopping mall Tysons Galleria. The lights installed in between the plants make this SemperGreenwall a rare sight. The living wall is over 49 feet (15 m) high and contains 39 high-tech light fixtures that were installed on brackets designed by Sempergreen Services LCC. These brackets have the ability to slide out further as plants continue to grow, ensuring visible light at all times.

Creating a welcoming entrance

When the luxurious shopping mall underwent renovations, it was decided to brighten up the entrance of a somewhat darker corner. The building façade was given an upgrade by the Whiting Turner Contracting Company and general contractor of this project. The high-end industrial finish with steel and stone has been softened by the appearance of the living wall in between, which also increases the environmental value of the building.

Plant design tailored to the local climate and architecture

A total of 753 sqft (70m²) of living walls was installed by Sempergreen Services LLC. It was designed by the architecture firm TVS, landscape architect SITE Solutions, and developer Brookfield. The plant design for this temperate climate, including cold climate perennials with seasonal flowers, was provided by Sempergreen Services LLC and SITE Solutions. They aimed at creating a natural pattern with mostly shades of green, silver, and white.

Photo credits: Sempergreen Services LLC

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