Video Wall

In the city centre of Düsseldorf, on the wide and busy Graf-Adolf-Street, which runs from west to east, a 100 m² SemperGreenwall with an integrated digital screen of 30 m² has been installed. This enormous digital screen will show advertising from Vodafone Germany, the long-term advertising partner of client blowUP media Germany. blowUP media, in collaboration with Ströer Media Germany GmbH, is committed to greening its portfolio of large-format outdoor advertising with green innovations. The real estate experts from StroehleinConsult supported the project with from concept till project development. With this living wall, blowUP media and Vodafone want to “bring nature where there is otherwise little space for it”. Vodafone will send its sustainable messages via the advertising screen.

Improvement of microclimate in inner city Düsseldorf

The SemperGreenwall around the digital screen is equipped with no fewer than 6,700 plants. Thanks to its location right in the busy center of Düsseldorf, the green wall will make an important contribution to the city’s microclimate, reducing street noise and improving local biodiversity and air quality.

“As a provider of large-format outdoor advertising, blowUP media plays an active role in the design of urban spaces. We are consistently committed to sustainability and offer our clients services that make an additional ecological and social contribution. The Vertical Garden® is another milestone in our sustainable product portfolio. With such innovative advertising platforms, we improve air quality in cities while minimizing our carbon footprint and also creating a green framework for brands.”

Plant assortment for shaded location

The green facade for this project is equipped with a special assortment of plants for a shady location. These hardy plants have little need for sun and remain green all year round. The installation of this large green wall took place at night, in order to cause as little nuisance as possible in the city.

Image rights: blowUP media, StroehleinConsult.

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