Wellness Hotel

On the edge of Amsterdam’s largest park, the remodelled Hotel & Wellness Zuiver has extended the green atmosphere to its building with a 560 m² SemperGreenwall. The design of the recently renovated and expanded hotel was inspired by the experience of the four seasons in the surrounding forest ‘Amsterdamse Bos’. While the rooms are designed according to beautiful spring, summer, autumn and winter-themes, the living walls will also represent every season with a different look. Of the over 50.000 plants living in the façade, many are winter-hardy or summer bloomers, ensuring a green but varying appearance year-round.   

Keeping it green

The abundance of plants adds to the healthy and relaxing spa atmosphere at Hotel & Wellness Zuiver. Its automatic irrigation system also keeps the maintenance of the SemperGreenwall low-effort. The web-based Plant Care System can be monitored and tweaked remotely, and includes a frost-security system, which prevents damage in cold times and keeps the walls looking as green as they can be all year.  

Photo credits: Architectenpunt – Photographer: Keesnan Dogger

Visuals: ENZO Architectuur & Interieur


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