Zulekha Hospital

In Sharjah, UAE, the Zulekha Hospital has incorporated natural elements in the building to create even more comfort for the patients and a more sustainable environment.
A SemperGreenwall Indoor adds a green touch to a waiting area to create a welcoming atmosphere. Sempergreen Middle East has supplied the 13 m² living wall. For this project, various air-purifying plants were selected to contribute to a healthy indoor climate. The Zulekha Hospital Sharjah is the first hospital in the Middle East and North Africa-region that has received the LEED EBOM Platinum certification of sustainability.

Living wall contributes to healing environment and cleaner air

Several scientific studies have shown that when a patient’s surroundings include greenery, recovery can be faster and people are able to leave the hospital sooner. Moreover, people tend to have a higher pain tolerance in a green environment. This is also known as a ‘healing environment’. Furthermore, it offers benefits for the hospital’s staff. Employees report significantly higher perceptions of well-being and higher productivity in workplaces with more natural elements as well as fewer sickness-related absences. The use of a SemperGreenwall is therefore a valuable addition to the interior of any healthcare environment.

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