The Power of Plants

SemperGreenwalls add great visual appeal to an exterior space. However, the question is, how do we keep these lush vertical gardens permanently green? The answer lies in the plant selection.

5 reasons to introduce a green wall into your office

Groene binnengevel Borghese door Wouter van der Sar

We spend a large part of the day in an unnatural office environment. This isn’t just unhealthy, but also affects our ability to be innovative, creative and perform at our best. It is time to take matters into your own hands and start greening your office space with a SemperGreenwall!

The Platform Utrecht: A green oasis in a Dutch city

SemperGreenwall op Het Platform Utrecht

The Platform is designed as a carrier for all kinds of greenery as if it were a natural landscape within the city and thus shows its nature-inclusive character. Two large living walls mark the entrance on both the ground and first floor. They instantly offer residents and visitors a pleasant atmosphere.

First Dutch Rainproof tram stops in Amsterdam

Sempergreen verzorgt rainproof abri Amsterdam

Amsterdam now has a Rainproof tram stop. In addition to a lightweight Sempergreen green roof, the tram stop has a living wall which is watered with collecte drainwater by means of an intelligent circular irrigation system.