The Power of Plants

Living green walls add great visual appeal to an exterior space. However, the question is, how do we keep these lush vertical gardens permanently green? The answer lies in the plant selection. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of plants, Sempergreen’s experts select only the strongest perennial plant varieties for their SemperGreenwalls.

Extensive research into climatic conditions

“Sempergreen is an organisation that constantly evolves. This is reflected in the planting of our green facades” says Marvin Monrooij, foreman production at the Dutch glasshouse of Sempergreen. “Prior to each new project, extensive research is conducted into the climatic conditions of the country, and into the plants that are suitable for that specific climate.” This kind of research is crucial for the success of a project. If the wrong plants are chosen for a project, they won’t thrive, or could even die, which would be disastrous for the project.

Choosing the best plants for each living wall

“Knowing this, we’ve developed three standard assortments for different climate zones: the shadow, half shadow and sun assortment. All three assortments have been thoroughly tested and there is a wide variety of planting possible within these ranges. We also have to take into account that environmental factors, such as the influence of sea wind (salty air), play a role in the success or failure of an outdoor green wall. That is why we have glasshouses in different locations in the world, like the United Arab Emirates, the United States, the Caribbean, the Netherlands and Australia. This ensures that our SemperGreenwalls contain the right plants for the right climate.”

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SemperGreenwall in zonnig Gibraltar

We ensure the wall has a green appearance throughout the year!

“It’s also important that both hardy plants and wintergreen plants are used to ensure that the facade has a green appearance throughout the year. And of course your wishes as a customer are also taken into consideration when making the planting plan for a green wall. The quality of a SemperGreenwall is our business card, so we leave nothing to chance.”

A number of hardy plants that we use are, for example, Aster SibericusGeranium Renardii and Vinca minor.

Geranium Renardii, Vinca minor, Aster Sibericus
From left to right: Geranium Renardii, Vinca minor, Aster Sibericus.

Outdoor wall specialist

The list of successful projects with our outdoor green walls is growing steadily. For example, in Warsaw, Poland, which is an inland climate and harsh winters, Sempergreen has installed an outdoor SemperGreenwall that has already successfully survived multiple winters. Sempergreen also installed several green facades in Canada, Norway and Sweden, all countries known for their harsh winters.  

In addition to the high quality requirements set by Sempergreen, aesthetics are, of course, also of the utmost importance.

SemperGreenwalls in Stavanger (NO) en Warschau (PL)
Two beautiful examples of ourdoor living walls in the cold climates of Stavanger (Norway) and Warsaw (Poland)

Good maintenance is vital for a green facade

To achieve the best result, pruning is necessary at least twice a year. On the other hand the unique Plant Care System reduces maintenance needs by making certain that the plants receive their daily nutrients and are protected against frost. 

The combination of careful plant selection and the intelligent Plant Care System certifies that Sempergreen is the specialist to look for if you are interested in a green wall In addition, Sempergreen offers various maintenance contracts to guarantee that your project is sustainable, green and attractive all year round.

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hoofdkantoor Sempergreen in de sneeuw
Sempergreen’s head office in the Netherlands sports a hardy evergreen outdoor wall that looks beautiful, even in snowy weather.

Knowledge through experience

“Armed with knowledge about green roofs, we started our journey into the world of living walls, more than two decades ago. All the knowledge and experience that we’ve gained in this time, has given us the ability to create SemperGreenwalls for everyone, everywhere in the world”, according to Christiaan Bakker, Living Wall Specialist Europe. “Our goal is to deliver a beautiful living wall that reflects the natural environment, meets up to your wishes, and stays green all year round.”

Get in touch with Sempergreen

If you would like to know more about all available options, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Photo credit project Warsaw: Bartłomiej Senkowski

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