Green Advertising: A Sustainable Future for Advertising Screens

The advertising world is constantly evolving, always seeking innovative ways to reach and inspire consumers. Sempergreen is at the forefront of this development with an innovative approach: green advertising. This concept combines digital technology with living green walls, creating advertising screens that are not only visually appealing but also contribute to a healthier and more sustainable urban environment. 

Success stories from Germany

The Green Digital - Graf-Adolf-Straße, Düsseldorf

A pioneering project in the field of green Digital Out-of-Home advertising

An impressive example in Düsseldorf is The Green Digital – Graf-Adolf-Straße.

The project team StröhleinConsult and Vodafone Germany initiated and developed the project and found the perfect project partners in provider and marketer blowUP media and the companies Ledcon and Sempergreen.

Strategically placed in a busy location, this green advertisement has high visibility while offering a calming oasis in the urban jungle. The natural elements help reduce stress for passers-by and create a pleasant atmosphere in the area. This project shows that green advertising is not only effective for advertisers, but also provides benefits for the community and the environment.

©blowUP media

100 m² SemperGreenwall
7,800 plants
230 kg CO2 absorption per year
170 kg oxygen production per year

A New Highlight in Berlin: The Green Digital - West Side

In May 2024, another project initiated and developed by StröhleinConsult and Deutsche Telekom was recently completed with partners blowUP media and Ledcon in Berlin’s Spandau district: The Green Digital – West Side. This advertising wall is located on Klosterstraße, a busy road with approximately 124,000 vehicles daily. Opposite this location are the ‘Spandau Arcaden’ and the Berlin-Spandau train station. With around 11 million visitors per year, the ‘Spandau Arcaden’ is one of the most visited shopping centres in the capital. This project serves as a significant inspiration for future developments in the advertising industry.

©blowUP media

81 m² SemperGreenwall
6,300 plants
187 kg CO2 absorption per year
138 kg oxygen production per year

The Green Digital - Am Wehrhahn, Düsseldorf

In March 2024, another project was unveiled in Düsseldorf that continues this innovative approach.

This project is located in the heart of Düsseldorf, integrating a large digital screen with a living green wall. The screen displays dynamic advertisements that seamlessly blend with the natural beauty of the plants. The Green Digital not only enriches the cityscape visually, but also contributes to improving air quality and reducing urban heat islands. The SemperGreenwall absorbs CO2 and produces oxygen, making the living environment more pleasant and healthy.

180m² SemperGreenwall
14,000 plants
414 kg CO2 absorption per year
306 kg oxygen production per year

Latest Innovation: Green Advertising Pole Along the Highway in Leiden and Oberhausen

In addition to the impressive projects in Germany, Sempergreen is also working on new innovative projects. In the second half of 2024, a unique advertising pole combining digital advertisements with the SemperGreenwall will be installed along the highways in Leiden (Netherlands) and Oberhausen (Germany). These advertising masts will be a visual highlight for motorists and passengers while positively impacting the environment by improving air quality and promoting biodiversity.

Green Advertising Strengthens the Brand

Green advertising represents the future of the advertising industry. By combining modern technology with the benefits of living green facades, Sempergreen creates innovative solutions that are not only effective for advertisers but also contribute to a more sustainable and healthier urban environment. With successful projects like The Green Digital in Düsseldorf, the latest realisation in Berlin, and upcoming initiatives in Leiden and Oberhausen, Sempergreen demonstrates that green advertising is the way forward for cities worldwide.

Curious about how green advertising can strengthen your brand and simultaneously have a positive impact on the environment? Feel free to contact us and discover the possibilities of a green future for your advertising campaigns.

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project portfolio

Take a look at our complete project portfolio for inspiration.

Stavanger | Norway

The office building from architectural firm Bark Arkitekter in Stavanger, Norway, has been adorned with a green eyecatcher by installing a SemperGreenwall Outdoor.

Orlando, FL | USA

McDonald’s has opened a sustainable flagship restaurant in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, featuring several Outdoor SemperGreenwalls. With this pilot restaurant, they aim to be the very first energy-neutral fastfoodrestaurant in the world.

Amsterdam | The Netherlands

The sustainable Hyatt Regency hotel in Amsterdam has been supplied with a green indoor- and outdoor-wall from Sempergreen. Partly thanks to this, the hotel has been named as the most sustainable hotel in the Netherlands.

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