The Green Digital

At a prominent location along the busy S-Bahn station Am Wehrhahn in the centre of Düsseldorf, you can now endulge yourself in a green environment. Following an earlier cooperation with blowUP media Germany, experts in large-format outdoor advertising, Sempergreen has now installed a second SemperGreenwall for blowUP media Germany around an LED video wall here on behalf of LEDCON Systems GmbH. This renovation project, called “The Green Digital”, consists of a huge 100 m² digital screen powered by solar energy. The screen is framed by a flourishing green facade of no less than 180m2 in size. This facade renovation literally provides relief to passers-by at this busy urban traffic junction and the resulting air pollution. 

Renovation with SemperGreenwall Outdoor brings cleaner air to busy city

The green wall surrounding the state-of-the-art video wall is planted with as many as 14,000 plants from the SemperGreenwall Outdoor range. This balanced plant mix contains a combination of shrubs, perennials and ferns. This keeps the façade beautifully green all year round, creating an eye-catching decoration for the advertising on the screen. The SemperGreenwall is pre-planted in the Sempergreen nursery and is therefore instantly green upon installation. This not only makes the living wall a real green highlight in the drab city, but also makes an important contribution to improving the city’s air quality immediately after installation. The plants offset CO2 and improve the microclimate. 

Read more about the plants of a SemperGreenwall here

Display runs on solar power from solar panels

The state-of-the-art display within the green facade draws its energy from a complex photovoltaic system consisting of a series of solar panels. By using solar energy, the energy needed for the large display is generated in an environmentally friendly way. Combined with the air-purifying and cooling effect of the SemperGreenwall, ‘The Green Digital’ contributes to climate neutrality and a positive association for the brands advertising on the big screen.

Photo rights
Visualisation: blowUP media
Video and photos: Jonas Vision.

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