Albeda catering college

In Rotterdam, the Albeda catering college has brought nature inside by setting up a vertical herb garden. The herb garden has been commissioned by Binder and installed by Sempergreen. For the students of the catering college, this SemperGreenwall CompactLine is a new addition to their education. The students make use of their own school restaurant where they are able to put theory into practice. With this green wall, students are able to pick fresh herbs every day to make the most delicious meals!

Subsidy offered by the municipality of Rotterdam

Through the programme ‘Food for the Future’, the municipality of Rotterdam has provided a subsidy for this project. The goal of ‘Food for the Future’ is to encourage food industry education and to tackle global issues relating to food. With the programme, the municipality shows that they highly value creating a healthy learning- and living environment for students and the importance of passing on green values.

Photo credits: photographer Albeda College


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