MCX Apeldoorn is characterised by its striking green facades that completely surround the building. In doing so, the IT company has managed to create a unique and green appearance in a predominantly stony environment. The building was designed to be attractive not only to the people working there, but also to the entire surrounding area. All walls without glass are fitted with the Outdoor SemperGreenwall. This used a special plant scheme with a composition of only two plant species: Pachisandra terminalis ‘green sheen’ and Euonymus fortunei ‘Radicans’. This carefully chosen combination creates a harmonious green landscape that spreads on all four orientations of the building.

Unique mounting on FALK sandwich panels

What makes this project special is that the SemperGreenwall was mounted directly on FALK sandwich panels. Not every green wall system is suitable for this. By using rock wool in the Flexipanels, instead of earth, the SemperGreenwall is a lightweight system. Together, FALK Bouwsystemen circular sandwich panels and Sempergreen’s Cradle to Cradle certified green wall system create a sustainable and environmentally friendly building envelope.

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Durable eye-catcher

MCX Apeldoorn’s premises are equipped with several eco-friendly features. Solar panels meet the energy needs, while an efficient climate system ensures a comfortable working environment. The Sempergreen green roof, installed by Wallaard vegetation roofs, and the living walls not only add to the aesthetic value, but also provide numerous benefits for the environment and people’s well-being. This sustainable design resulted in a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ score, meeting the most stringent sustainability requirements.

Johan van Veen, owner of MCX Apeldoorn, is pleased with the positive reactions from local residents: "Surely people in the neighbourhood see this as the green building in Apeldoorn. We all get positive reactions because they don't have to look at concrete, but at a beautiful green wall."

The design of MCX Apeldoorn was realised by Van der Linde Architects, with development and construction led by Reusken & partners and Ten Have Metaalwerken B.V. They managed to turn this concept into an impressive and functional building that fits seamlessly into its surroundings.

Maintenance and monitoring

To ensure that the green facades remain in optimal condition, maintenance is carried out by Sempergreen. Johan van Veen: “They monitor the system completely remotely. If there is something, they call immediately so we can have a look at what is going on. That works very well!” Through the maintenance contract, we ensure the maintenance of the beautiful green look of MCX Apeldoorn.

An inspiring example of green architecture

MCX Apeldoorn is an inspiring example of how green facades and sustainability can come together to create an attractive working environment that is both aesthetically and environmentally friendly. The building serves as a symbol of a greener future, while at the same time having a positive impact on the local community and the well-being of the people who work there.

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Photos: © Harry Noback Photography

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