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In Leidsche Rijn, a neighbourhood in Utrecht, a special district has been realised: the residential island KubusEiland. The municipality of Utrecht has ensured that this new neighbourhood stands out architectually: every home is shaped like a cube. The island has 50 houses on the water or next to a green courtyard. One of these cube homes is unique, since green walls have been installed on the exterior as well as inside. A beautiful design has been created with the combination of wood, steel and vertical gardens on the facade. 

Unique and sustainable design

To make sure that the SemperGreenwall fit with the design of the outside of the home, it was decided to incorporate three separate vertical strips of green. The sleek design and the use of wood, steel and greenery create beautiful lines. The house has been designed by Studio NL-D. The SemperGreenwall Outdoor, which is present on three sides of the house, has been built up with Flexipanels and pregrown in Sempergreen’s own greenhouse. Additionally, the green walls are monitored by the unique Plant Care System, which includes an irrigation system. This system makes sure that all the plants in the SemperGreenwalls get enough water and nutrients. 

Green interior

The nature has truly been brought inside with the SemperGreenwall Indoor. This green wall creates a separation between the dining area and the living area of the livingroom, and fits the modern appearance of the home well. The living wall creates a calming and natural ambiance within the modern design.

Photo credits: John van Groenedaal


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