Sustainable renovation with greenery

Looking for a sustainable option for your facade renovation? Then green cladding in the form of a SemperGreenwall is an excellent choice for your project. This green wall system can be applied directly to the facade insulation.

How a SemperGreenwall helps to absorb CO2

The average European emits 6 tonnes of CO2 per year: twice as much as the average world citizen. Sempergreen’s living walls convert CO2 into oxygen. The ideal solution for locations with limited space, such as the city or office buildings.

SemperGreenwall is BIM ready!

Anno 2023, greenery can no longer be missing in a design. Easily integrate the SemperGreenwall BIM object into your project and keep time for other important tasks.

Let your SemperGreenwall speak with a logo or text

When a logo or text is integrated into the design of a SemperGreenwall, the logo comes across even more powerfully with the exuberant background greenery. In addition, the plants enhance the impact of the sustainable message an organisation wants to convey.