Trends in hospitality: healthy and sustainable with a living wall

Trends in the hospitality industry are an important indicator of developments in society. Within the hospitality industry, it is important to follow the latest trends to maintain relevance in this competitive market. The main trend, which we identify for the coming years, is the use of healthy and sustainable products. Especially the younger target group between 18 and 36 years old, the so-called millennials, increasingly base their restaurant choice on sustainability aspects. This is also the group that eats out most frequently. When you think of sustainable and healthy, you might think of the use of local produce and plant-based menus. A catering establishment can also express sustainability ambitions through non-verbal elements in its interior or exterior design. For example, adding a green facade, such as a SemperGreenwall, can fit in nicely with a restaurant’s vision. The living wall supports the restaurant’s sustainable and healthy image and thus promotes an increase in turnover.

Living wall brings calm and healthy air quality

Applying a living wall, such as a SemperGreenwall, to the interior or exterior of a restaurant also has other benefits. The plants purify the air, improving air quality. In addition, the plants in the green wall dampen noise, something that can be very important in a busy catering establishment. Based on test results, the SemperGreenwall Indoor absorbs 85% of ambient noise. Moreover, the green colour brings tranquillity to the space. Guests will feel at ease because of the green colour and the presence of plants. As a result, they will stay longer at the table, increasing turnover in the restaurant.

Plant wall with logo reinforces sustainable message

It is also possible to integrate a logo or text into the design of a SemperGreenwall. Here, the exuberant green planting of a restaurant’s green facade can serve as a powerful backdrop for a logo or text. The greenery enhances the impact and perception of a sustainable message a catering establishment wants to convey. Read more about this in this article.

Get inspired by these restaurants with a SemperGreenwall

For various restaurants and hotels, Sempergreen has had the pleasure of installing a beautiful SemperGreenwall. In all cases, the green wall enhances the sustainable experience inside or outside the catering establishment. Be inspired by some beautiful examples below.

Restaurant Via Granados – Barcelona, Spain

This Fusion restaurant in Barcelona, Spain, is a hotspot for lovers of traditional Spanish cuisine. Via Granados offers a perfect combination of traditional dishes made using the latest techniques of modern cuisine. When decorating the restaurant, they opted for an interior with details and elements from nature, creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The green SemperGreenwall Outdoor at the entrance is the restaurant’s calling card and an invitation to take a seat on the terrace.

Grand Café Fortuyn - Haarlem, the Netherlands

Grand Café Fortuyn in the Dutch city of Haarlem is green and feels green. Here, only sustainable and responsibly prepared dishes are served against the backdrop of a SemperGreenwall Indoor. In 2015, the owners transformed their restaurant into Haarlem’s newest place to be after a major renovation. The interior is a cross between tough and industrial with a botanical touch. Many authentic details of the historic building have been preserved and green design played a major role in the interior design. Biophilic interior design has a proven positive effect on guests’ well-being. The SemperGreenwall at the back of the restaurant is a fine example of this. The new interior with a green facade commissioned by renowned interior planter Ambius earned the project a nomination for ‘Interior Planting of the Year 2016’.

Mama Makan at Hyatt Regency hotel - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This restaurant and bar is sustainability at its finest. In 2017, this restaurant, part of hotel Hyatt Regency Spinoza, was built with the mission of connecting the Dutch capital Amsterdam with elements of nature. Greenery therefore, plays a very important role in the interior design.  Commissioned by Van Dongen-Koschuch Architects, Sempergreen installed 2 green facades, both indoor and outdoor. Inspired by the strong roots that link the Netherlands to Indonesia, Mama Makan offers guests authentic Indonesian flavours, in a warm, vibrant atmosphere. At Mama Makan Bar, in addition to craft beers and gin & tonics, the team makes botanical cocktails in the green surroundings of the SemperGreenwall Indoor. The Hyatt Regencey hotel has been awarded BREEAM Excellent certification and can call itself the most sustainable hotel in the Netherlands with a score of 73.26%.

SERRA - Hotel Indigo Brussels, Belgium

Restaurant Serra is part of Hotel Indigo in the Belgian capital Brussels. Here you will enjoy seasonal dishes amid a green oasis. For Serra, ‘eating well’ means benefiting both guests and the planet. For example, they are increasingly using 100% plant-based meat products. They also aim for zero-waste; almost every ingredient is used to its fullest potential with minimum waste. In this way, guests not only enjoy healthy, seasonal and local produce, but the ecological footprint is also reduced. This revolutionary culinary experience is enhanced in the setting of an indoor green facade by Sempergreen.

Restaurant in Postillion Hotel Bunnik, the Netherlands

The Postillion Hotel in Bunnik is located in the middle of the Netherlands, making it an ideal place for business people to stay. Seasonal dishes are served in the modern restaurant. To create a warm atmosphere in the business restaurant, it was decided to erect a Maxgreenwall. The compact green wall has the advantage that it is mobile and can therefore be repositioned during events. This Maxgreenwall has a beautiful graphite-black frame and the chosen ‘Wilderness’ plant assortment gives the restaurant an exotic green look.

Wine shop La Bodega - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

In Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, wine shop La Bodega has had its exterior decorated with a SemperGreenwall Outdoor by Sempergreen Caribe. The green facade was designed to pay homage to the plant-based origin of wine. Besides wine, the shop offers a wide selection of imported drinks from all corners of the world, such as champagnes, spirits and liqueurs. You will also find a Deli, which offers an exclusive selection of high-quality foods, from the best Spanish sausages to meat, fish and seafood used by Michelin-starred restaurants in the United States. To emphasise the connection with nature, La Bodega’s logo has been incorporated into the green facade. It gives the building a beautiful natural yet recognisable look.

ROOTS - Green Hotel Genk, Belgium

Cocktail & Tapas bar Roots is part of the Green Hotel Genk in Belgium. Located in the city centre, the bar aims to be a place of rest in the middle of the city, with the goal of making every guest feel at home. That tranquillity is created in part by the SemperGreenwall Outdoor on the outside of the premises. The lush greenery is a true eye-catcher and automatically entices guests to come inside, all the way to the pleasant bar.

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Stavanger | Norway

The office building from architectural firm Bark Arkitekter in Stavanger, Norway, has been adorned with a green eyecatcher by installing a SemperGreenwall Outdoor.

Orlando, FL | USA

McDonald’s has opened a sustainable flagship restaurant in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, featuring several Outdoor SemperGreenwalls. With this pilot restaurant, they aim to be the very first energy-neutral fastfoodrestaurant in the world.

Amsterdam | The Netherlands

The sustainable Hyatt Regency hotel in Amsterdam has been supplied with a green indoor- and outdoor-wall from Sempergreen. Partly thanks to this, the hotel has been named as the most sustainable hotel in the Netherlands.

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