Let your SemperGreenwall speak with a logo or text

With a SemperGreenwall Indoor or Outdoor, a monotonous wall literally comes to life. Vertical greenery is an eye-catcher for any building, whether applied indoors or outdoors. Moreover, a living wall offers many benefits for the climate and people’s health. But the power of the green oasis created by a SemperGreenwall can come to life even more when combined with a commercial or informative expression. Think of facade advertising in the form of a logo or text. Let yourself be inspired by the appealing projects in this article, where adding a logo in the design of the green wall completes the transformation of the facade.

Logo or text on green facade reinforces sustainable message

When a logo or text is integrated into the design of a SemperGreenwall, the logo comes across even more powerfully with the exuberant green plants in the background. In addition, greenery enhances the impact of a sustainable message an organisation wants to convey. Colours play an important role in our lives. They affect our moods as few other things can. Green is a natural colour and symbolises growth, harmony, freshness and security. It is a calming colour for the human eye. Moreover, people feel comfortable in a green environment. All positive qualities, which can have a favourable effect on the perception of a logo incorporated in a green facade.

Project examples of a living wall combined with advertising

At Sempergreen, we have had the pleasure of advising many architects on how to insert a logo or text into the design of a living wall. Below, we show some sample projects for inspiration.

Hotel & Wellness Zuiver

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Hotel & Wellness Zuiver in the Amsterdamse Bos has built an entirely new hotel to the design of Enzo Architectuur N Interieur. The interior design is inspired by the four seasons of the surrounding forest. Guests experience spring, summer, autumn and winter themes in beautifully decorated rooms. This atmosphere has been carried through to the outside, by installing a 560 m² Outdoor SemperGreenwall with more than 50,000 plants. Many of these plants are hardy and/or flowering varieties. As a result, the facade colours with the seasons. The green wall features the logo of Hotel & Wellness Zuiver. The earthy colours of the logo blend beautifully with the greenery of the facade and simultaneously express a connection with nature. This corresponds to the values Zuiver wants to express: an experience for the senses, rest and relaxation, space for physical and mental well-being and optimal enjoyment in a safe environment.


Orlando, Florida, USA

Fast food chain McDonalds is betting big on sustainability, aiming to be the very first energy-neutral fast food restaurant in the world. They recently opened a new flagship restaurant at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This highly sustainable restaurant is green in every way. When designing, Chicago-based Ross Barney Architects envisioned that the building’s sustainable approach should be visually evident. Therefore, the architect included almost 185 m² of Sempergreen outdoor living walls in the design, in the shape of the well-known round arches of McDonalds’ M. The green appearance makes the building nestle into its surrounding environment. This is a wonderful and inspiring example of how the design of a logo can be implemented in the construction of a SemperGreenwall.

Groene gevel McDonald's in Orlando, Florida, VS

Sports chain Perry Sport

Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht, the Netherlands

In collaboration with Ambius, Sempergreen provided the interior walls of various shops of sports chain Perry Sport with an impressive SemperGreenwall Indoor. Perry Sport stands for a healthy and sporty lifestyle and the living wall creates the ultimate outdoor feeling for this. The living walls are a real eye-catcher when you walk into the shop. That is why Perry Sport also chose to reflect their logo in the green wall. Within a grey frame, a 3D logo and also a screen are displayed. The green facade is built around the frame, which can be done very easily thanks to the flexibility and modular structure of Sempergreen’s green facade system.

Head office Viva

Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia, is home to ViVa, a specialist wholesaler of sanitary ware, bathroom accessories and ceramics. The company has been active in the market for more than 20 years and is a reliable and leading supplier for private and project orders. Cleanliness is one of the principles that ViVa stands for. They also wanted to exude this in the interior of their office. They therefore opted to install several indoor green facades, which purify the air and create a healthy working environment. Because they are proud of their brand at ViVa, they had their logo incorporated in the indoor SemperGreenwall. The metal letters stand out beautifully against the green background of the plants and the white furnishings of the modern interior.

De Vries & Verburg

Stolwijk, the Netherlands

For Stolwijk-based construction company De Vries & Verburg, sustainability is more than just a PR tool. They strive to be a leading and energetic market player by taking their responsibility for a sustainable future. Since 2010, they have been aware of their social stewardship and finite resources. Therefore, they seek sustainable and future-oriented solutions, of which the cradle to cradle certified SemperGreenwall is one. To demonstrate their sustainable goals to the outside world as well, they have fitted their premises with a green wall system on several sides in 2019. Also, the company name has been incorporated into the SemperGreenwall Outdoor on several sides of the building. This shows that at De Vries & Verburg, they practice what they preach in terms of their sustainability ambitions.

Kimpton De Witt Hotel

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The former Crowne Plaza hotel in Amsterdam proved the ideal location for hotel chain Kimpton to open its first hotel outside the USA. The hotel was completely renovated in 2017, to the design of architect Michaelis Boyd. A total of 274 rooms were overhauled and 15 distinctive rooms were also designed. All rooms were given fresh and modern interiors. The result is a fine boutique hotel with a personal style and warm atmosphere thanks to oak floors, glass walls and a sparkling green facade on the outside. A breath of fresh air swept through the hotel, so to speak, giving it more air. To illustrate this, the architect chose to integrate the words ‘And breathe’ in neon letters on the SemperGreenwall on the outside of the hotel. In addition, the greenery also attracts the immediate attention of guests when they arrive at the Kimpton De Witt hotel. The hotel wants to be a peaceful haven in the busy city and the SemperGreenwall provides an inviting look upon arrival.

Supermarket Bonpreu

Banyoles, Spain

Bonpreu is a large supermarket chain in Catalonia, with more than 200 shops. For more than 10 years, Bon Preu Group has been committed to sustainable initiatives in the retail sector. In 2006, for instance, Bon Preu was the first supermarket in Catalonia to introduce the biodegradable bag. In 2008, they launched a campaign to reduce the use of plastic bags, with the slogan ‘Better than a plastic bag’. This led to a 40% reduction in single-use plastic bags. Within this sustainable framework, the use of greenery around the supermarket also fits in. The new shop in Banyoles is now the proud owner of its first living wall. The SemperGreenwall features Bonpreu’s logo, underlining the supermarket chain’s commitment to sustainability.

Albert Heijn XL - Stadshart shopping centre car park

Zoetermeer, the Netherlands

The parking garage of shopping centre Stadshart in Zoetermeer used to be a drab place, with a dreary appearance. To improve this, in 2012 the Zoetermeer municipality took the important step of making the garage sustainable in cooperation with Unibail Rodamco. Sempergreen provided the entire garage with a 274m² SemperGreenwall. It brightened up the shopping area of Zoetermeer immensely. Retailers were also given the opportunity to incorporate their logo in the SemperGreenwall. Albert Heijn XL, for example, chose to give their brand a sustainable image by placing it in the green of the facade.

Copa Airlines Club

Bogota, Colombia

Copa Airlines is the national airline of Panama. Copa Airlines likes to offer its regular passengers privacy and comfort during airport waiting time. In exclusive waiting areas, called Copa Clubs, travellers are made comfortable. In this context, the Copa Club at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota features an Indoor SemperGreenwall. The facade incorporates the Copa Airlines logo. As a result, the green facade gives club members a sense of being welcome at Copa Airlines and strengthens their bond with the airline. In addition, the plant wall creates a relaxed atmosphere, for a pleasant stay within the club.


Raamsdonksveer, the Netherlands

Insulation door supplier Roma from Raamsdonksveer is leading the way in making their premises more sustainable. As one of the very first companies in the Netherlands, Roma opted for a green facade on the outside of their office building. Their logo was beautifully integrated into the green facade. This way, Roma also shows their sustainability policy to the outside world. Now, after more than 10 years, the green façade is still an enrichment for the biodiversity in the area, brings cooling into the building and is an eye-catcher for visitors to the office.

FOZ building

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Visitors to the FOZ building on the Zuidas in Amsterdam cannot fail to notice that they have stepped inside FOZ. The building’s reception area features the letters F, O, and Z in wood on an imposing plant wall. The entrance space is a whopping 7 metres high. While the height was impressive, it also made it difficult to give a warm atmosphere to the reverberant space. Until architect D/Dock transformed the chilly hall into a green oasis with an inviting feel by applying lush SemperGreenwalls and wooden elements. The concrete jungle was transformed into a peaceful green oasis in the otherwise hectic business district.

Westin Hotel

Vancouver, Canada

Green and sustainable travel is a growing trend, which plays an increasingly important role in the choices travellers make. This is also evident from a survey by travel platform Booking.com, in which a large majority of travellers (87%) said they wanted to travel sustainably. (Read more about this in our blog: Enjoy a climate conscious holiday at these 7 green hotels). The Westin is a luxury US hotel chain, which anticipated this important development. Back in 2010, they demonstrated their sustainable ambitions by having a SemperGreenwall installed at the entrance of The Westin Wall Centre at Vancouver Airport. The living wall incorporates The Westin’s logo and the location. The greenery gives a warm welcome to arriving visitors.

Want to know more about designing a green facade with a logo?

Do you still have questions about the design possibilities of a SemperGreenwall, after seeing these inspiring projects, or would you like to add the SemperGreenwall to your portfolio? Feel free to contact one of our living wall experts. They will be happy to help you!

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